Do I need a Building Permit for Backyard Storage Sheds

If you're about to put a storage shed on your home or commercial property you may be asking yourself the question of do you need a building permit for backyard storage sheds?

Well there's quite a debate regarding this issue and it's important to get these clarified before even attempting to purchase a backyard storage shed or any kind of storage shed for that matter. In the old days one didn't need to get a building permit for a storage shed. These sheds were a part of every day needs and since tools and other important materials needed safe storage one would just construct any old shed with readily available materials and hope for the best.

Nowadays things are quite different. The bottom line is that in most places you'll need to acquire a building permit for a storage shed regardless of size. This may seem ridiculous to some as one might only desire a shed of no more than a few cubic feet. It doesn't make sense to apply for a building permit for so small a structure. However, in today's safety conscious market the need for building permit makes all the more sense. The reasons are that some people just don't know what they're doing. They may be well heeled at building but what about placement of the shed. Should the structure not be situated on solid ground or should it obscure some necessary device such as a septic well cap or even fire hydrant or power supply, a disaster or major inconvenience may occur for the landowner, neighbors and the district in which one resides.

If the structure isn't sturdy enough someone could be injured. If it's not secured ans let us say a strong wind comes about and sends it tumbling into a neighbor's yard crushing their prized daffodils one would be in quite a mess in the courts now wouldn't one? So the need for a building permit for backyard storage sheds is important not only for the safety of the owner but for all around. Don't let yourself be deceived into armchair advisers who state that the size of a shed is the primary requirement for a building permit. No, it's best to check with your local government which should be easy to do by visiting a website or just a simple phone call.

It's all the more reasonable for one to be civic minded in these matters as you wouldn't wan the county building inspector show up and demand the structure be torn down due to some hazard. You would have wasted valuable time and resources into your property and all for naught. That's why taking the time and effort to clarify one's local building codes, regardless what others may say or suggest, is a good idea in the short and long term regarding such an investment for your property and peace of mind.

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